50 Best Blogs for Beating Food Addiction

by admin on August 5, 2010

As with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling or other destructive substances and behaviors, food addictions and eating disorders cause intense feelings of hopelessness, shame, guilt, waste and frustration. If you want to learn how to help yourself or a friend battle food addiction, or if you want to learn more about the condition as part of your nursing school education, check out these blogs that offer support, education, and advice.


These coaches share tips that can help you identify your addiction and organize a plan for dealing with it.

  1. The Cravings Coach: Diana Walker can help you deal with cravings in a healthy way. Find recipes and other resources on her blog. Recommended posts: "Nutrition, Whole Foods Help Curb Cravings" and "Cucumbers Curb Sugar Cravings."
  2. Get Slim From Within: This blog comes from a certified master life coach who has personally lost 170 lbs, and has kept it off. Recommended posts: "I Would Have Eaten That Until I Got Sick!" and "Slim Mind Tip – Food Forecasting."
  3. Tanisha Marshall: Tanisha is a raw food coach who often writes about overeating cooked foods and making the transition to a raw diet. Recommended posts: "Is snacking getting the best of you?" and "Since going raw have you found yourself overeating on cooked food?"
  4. A Weigh Out: Read posts about emotional and binge eating, therapy, healthy cooking ideas, and finding out why you eat the way you do. Recommended posts: "Love Myself First" and "How do the Italians do it?"
  5. Janice Taylor’s Our Lady of Weight Loss: Janice Taylor is a motivational speaker, writer and weight loss coach who blogs to get you inspired but also realistic about losing weight. Recommended posts: "Diet Tip: Lose 4.5 pounds" and "8 Ways to Short Circuit Stress."
  6. Normal Eating Blog: Get tips on stopping when you’re full and avoiding the self-deprivation mindset. Recommended posts: "Eating at Meal Times and Eating from Habit " and "Self-Deprivation Mindset: No Pleasure in Eating ."

Personal Testimonials

These bloggers are in recovery from all sorts of eating disorders that made them preoccupied with food: anorexia, bulimia, overeating, binge eating and more. Read their tips, stories and struggles to help yourself get healthy, too.

  1. Confessions of a (Recovering) Compulsive Eater: This 42-year-old recovering compulsive eater blogs about weight loss and the therapy that’s helped eliminate binges. Recommended posts: "How I told my husband I was a compulsive overeater" posts and "Getting honest about my Food Addiction."
  2. Real Recovery from Bulimia and Binge Eating: This blogger is happy to share the "miracle guidance" that helped end 14 years of bulimia. Recommended posts: "Triggers are the consequence, not the cause" and "Great excitement in the midst of total uncertainty!"
  3. Diary of a Mad Overeater 2.0: Follow along with this "normal guy" working with Overeaters Anonymous if you want support on your own journey. Recommended posts: "Step One, Question One" and "Where I’m At."
  4. Recovering Anorexic: This recovering anorexic is on a mission for lifelong rehabilitation, and blogs about the journey with Overeaters Anonymous. Recommended posts: "The Courage to Change" and "Guilt with Food Plan."
  5. From Inside the Mirror: Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve slipped up: this blogger understands how hard it is, and is trying to be honest and committed, too. Recommended posts: "Recovery Road" and "Coming Clean."
  6. A Better, Lesser Me!: After following others’ eating disorder and food addiction recoveries, this blogger now writes about dealing with troubling emotions in a healthy way. Recommended posts: "I will not feel guilty" and "One day at a time."
  7. Escape from Obesity: This obese mom is an inspirational blogger who is open about her serious frustration with her battle to lose weight and gain control of her eating habits. She’s also got a good archive of healthy recipes to try. Recommended posts: "Hot Dogs and Chocolate" and "Eating is Easier."
  8. The Binge Diary: Read the blog of a compulsive binge eater if you want to learn more about diabetes, sticking to your recovery, and dealing with the frustration and stress. Recommended posts: "Update – Inpatient Decision" and "My Story, My Shortcut."
  9. PJs and Pounds…Food Addict/PJ Geek: This food addict has lost 120 lbs. and may be able to help you find a better balance too. Recommended posts: "120 lbs Lost! New Focus" and "No guilt, just attitude."
  10. Fatty Kathy’s Weight Loss Journal: After her husband died in 2005, Kathy started binge eating, but now she’s on a mission to understand her emotional reaction to food and eating. Recommended posts: "I Wish I Could Hibernate" and "Lifestyle Changes May Be the Only Way to Lose."
  11. A 40-Something Fool’s Journey: This blog is primarily about the writer’s experience with Overeater’s Anonymous and and trying to achieve abstinence from food addiction. Recommended posts: "Walking Into a First Meeting With A Higher Power" and "A Balance of Self: I Work an Imperfect Program."
  12. Exploring Intuitive Eating: Read about women’s reactions to food and body image on this intriguing blog. Recommended posts: "Clouds" and "Another day anothermeeting another picture."
  13. Voice in Recovery: Blog posts on this site are elegant and honest, and can offer support and understanding to anyone who suffers from a type of eating disorder or unhealthy relationship with food. Recommended posts: "Just Say NO" and "Food Addiction."
  14. Hauling Uphill Blog: This isn’t just a weight loss blog: it’s a pledge to stop letting food and being overweight ruin the blogger’s life and continue damaging the writer’s self-esteem. Recommended posts: "Collateral Kilos" and "Onwards and Downwards."
  15. Whatever it takes…Until it is not about the food. That is this blogger’s motto, which is taking them through the 12 steps of OA. Recommended posts: "And the crazy train goes on" and "Precarious balance."
  16. Not So Pleasantly Plump: This food addict blogs monthly about progress, setbacks and the daily grind of keeping up with commitment. Recommended posts: "I need motivation…NOW!" and "Breaking through & Resisting temptation."
  17. Ali’s Fat to Fit: Ali woke up at 27 and realized that food was her best friend. Find out how she’s reworking her perspective on her way to get fit. Recommended posts: "The Future" and "Five Foods."
  18. Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater: Read real posts about self awareness and growth from this blog. Recommended posts: "Triggers of a Different Kind" and "Food Coma + No Formal Exercise = Ugh."
  19. Thank God It’s Lunch Time: This compulsive eater writes about OA, therapy and the recovery process, and the constant struggle to focus on things other than food. Recommended posts: "Long Day Good Day" and "Retreat Day 1."
  20. Down in Sunny San Diego: This OA member and recovering overeater has type 2 diabetes but has lost nearly 60 lbs. so far. Recommended posts: "Calm and cool…seriously" and "Is it possible I’m fearful of the good stuff?"
  21. RecoveryDiscovery: This blog is written by a recovering compulsive overeater who is also a performance artist living in New York City. Read it for inspiration and honest insight into the writer’s journey. Recommended posts: "Summertime…" and "On "rejecting the diet mentality"".

Good Eating Habits

Learn more about bingeing, bulimia, food cravings and other obstacles that get in the way of good eating habits, and how you can turn yourself around.

  1. Binge Eating Blog: This blog can help you deal with stress and body image issues so that you’re a healthier eater. Recommended posts: "Developing a Positive Body Image is an Essential Part of Recovery from Eating Disorders and "Study Shows Link Between Binge Eating and Suppression of Emotions."
  2. Eating Journey: This blogger was tired of hiding and decided to take control of her eating habits and lifestyle. Recommended posts: "Calorie Restriction as Emotional Distraction" and "Naked on the Scale, Thinking."
  3. The F-Word: This blog encourages dialogue about food, fat and feminism, focusing on the eating habits of modern women and their relationship to food. Recommended posts: "I’m Back…" and "Open Topic: Talking to kids about fat comments."
  4. Waisting Time: This yo-yo dieter is trying to ignore the scale and think of food in a positive, healthy way. Recommended posts: "The End of Overeating" and "The Never Ending Journey."
  5. Feed Me!: Writer Harriet Brown writes about body image and issues with food and weight. Recommended posts: "Distortions and "One more reason NOT to get bariatric surgery."
  6. Embracing Balance: Get real, rational tips on finding balance with your eating and fitness. Recommended categories: "The Seduction of a Binge and "Not to self: you are ready."
  7. Hungry Girl: On this blog, you can learn about nutrition labels, good-for-you favorites at the grocery store, and more. Recommended posts: "No-Guilt Menu News, Snack Finds, VitaTop 411 & More from HG!" and "
  8. Eat Like Me: Self’s blog will walk you through the transition to eating healthy but delicious meals. Recommended posts: "Summer Treat: Indulge in Ice Cream Guilt-Free (Here’s How!)" and " A Carb Lover’s Guide: 3 Essential Rules for Eating Pasta."
  9. Laurel on Health Food: Certified health counselor and coach Laurel likes sharing recipes based on her favorite foods like raw chocolate, kale and avocados. Recommended posts: "Summer Reading" and "7 Free Avocado Recipes."
  10. Kath Eats Real Food: This blog is devoted to healthy living and contains recipes, videos great photos that will inspire you to eat healthy, but still eat great foods. Recommended posts: "Raspberry Revolution" and "The Swing of Things."
  11. Carrots N Cake: Tina blogs to share her tips for finding sensible balance with food and health, pairing homemade, fresh salads with BBQ potato chips. Recommended posts: "Want to Exercise Less?" and "Wine Counts as Dessert, Right?"
  12. Circle of Food: Learn about eating healthy and organic foods, keep up with food recalls, and get cooking tips here. Recommended posts: "5 Best Foods for Your Pre and Post Workout Needs" and "A Meal Fit for Popeye."
  13. Yummy Diet Food: Read well-developed reviews, recipes and tips that will give you lots of variety when it comes to "diet food." Recommended posts: "Fast Food Low Calorie and Low Fat Options Aren’t Always Healthy (or Low Calorie)" and "Dr. Oz Diet and Weight Loss Advice."

Learning About Addiction

These blogs shed some light on addiction, whether it’s food, alcohol, or another force that’s taken over your life. You can learn how to identify your addiction, discover your triggers, and take the steps to heal yourself by reading the advice given here.

  1. All About Addiction: This blog has many posts about food addiction that you can browse here. Recommended posts: "How does it all start? My thoughts on addiction causes and substance abuse" and "How can I overcome all this sugar??? The dilemma of food addiction."
  2. Sobriety Girl: Read this blog to learn more about becoming sober and finding the strength to control your addiction. Recommended posts: "The attempted demise of Sobriety Girl" and "The Wall."
  3. Attitude of Gratitude: Learn about the power of spiritual discipline and the possibility for change. Recommended posts: "2.21.10" and "2.23.10."
  4. Addiction Management Treatment Blog: Dr. John Fitzgerald updates this blog to help people learn about addiction and therapy. Recommended posts: "Sins and Needles: when creativity transforms addiction" and Uncovering the pervasive roots of addiction: Part 1."

Healthy Living


  1. A Merry Life: Mary’s weight loss blog is all about understanding food so that you can have a happy and healthy life. Recommended posts: "Reforming My Picky Eater Past By Trying New Things" and "How To Get Back On Track With Healthy Living."
  2. Medicinal Marzipan: You can’t successfully adopt a healthy lifestyle if you’re unhappy with the way you look: this blog can help you love your body and your new weight loss goals. Recommended posts: "This is what progress looks like" and "Learning to eat healthfully without restriction."
  3. Loretta’s Journey from 460 to 199…One Good Choice at a Time: Loretta has already lost over 100 lbs. and is doing it by making one choice at a time, and taking it one day at a time. Recommended posts: "Day 349 Another Short & Sweet Saturday" and "Day 351 Challenge Updates and Fair Sneak Peak."
  4. Underindulgence: This clever blogger has noted a relationship between her overspending and overeating, and is tracking both bad habits to live more healthfully. Recommended posts: "Becoming underindulgent" and "Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!"
  5. Healthy Food and Healthy Living by Dr. Ayala: Find out why you eat the way you do when you read this blog. Recommended posts: "Americans spend more time eating, mostly while distracted" and "Do junk eating friends ruin your diet?"
  6. Stream of Consciousness: Gaiam’s life blog can help you live a balanced, peaceful and healthy life. Recommended posts: "Convenience is killing us" and "The Super Fiber that Controls Your Appetite and Blood Sugar."

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