50 Best Child Psychology Blogs

by admin on August 11, 2010

If you’re interested in child psychology, there are lots of blogs you can read to learn about it online. From child development to mental health, just about everything is covered here. In this list, you’ll find 50 of the best child psychology blogs online.


Study the world of child psychology in these blogs.

  1. Ask the Child Psychologist: Talk to Daniel Klein to get your child psychology questions answered. Recommended Posts: Does My Child Need Help?, Parents Can Ease Kids’ Fears About School Changes
  2. Child Psychology Research Blog: You’ll find research commentary on child psychology on this blog. Recommended Posts: ADHD and Smoking?, Special Needs Children
  3. Diary of a Child Therapist: This child therapist has tips, advice, and resources for great kids and families. Recommended Posts: Daring to Share, Saying Goodbye
  4. Dr. Jennifer Bremer’s Blog: Dr. Jennifer Bremer is a child and adult psychiatrist with a holistic bent. Recommended Posts: Darth Vader’s Diagnosis, Teaching Children Philosophy
  5. Insights: Insights shares clinical information for your child’s care. Recommended Posts: Girls and ADHD, Signs of Dyslexia in Early Readers
  6. Child Psych: Read Child Psych for mental health, trauma, and related social issues. Recommended Posts: Depression in Pre-Schoolers?, ADHD and Sleep Problems in Children

Educational Psychology

School and educational psychology are the focus of these blogs.

  1. School Psychology: Melissa Alabrese blogs to improve outcomes for students. Recommended Posts: Surviving Homework, The Role of the School Psychologist
  2. PsychSplash: PsychSplash has resources for educational psychology. Recommended Posts: Bully Help, Parent Wonder
  3. School Psychology Blog: Read the School Psychology Blog to find information for professionals and parents in school psychology. Recommended Posts: Homework Tips for Parents, Helping Kids with Learning Issues
  4. The Black Briefcase: Follow the life of a school psychologist on The Black Briefcase. Recommended Posts: First Day, Snitching Ain’t Easy
  5. Teaching High School Psychology: Read this blog to find resources for teaching high school psychology. Recommended Posts: Using 12 Angry Men in Intro Psych, Motivation and Behavior Knol
  6. School Psychology Blog and Podcast: Dr. Gaston Weisz has discussion on school psychology, child development, and more. Recommended Posts: Child Behavior Report Cards, Positive Behavior Approaches in School
  7. Cool School Psychologist: Find school psychology adventures on this blog. Recommended Posts: The Cost of Family Relationships, Learning From the Past
  8. Christine Eagan, School Psychologist: Christine Eagan writes from the perspective of a school psychologist. Recommended Posts: Educational Websites, Who are School Psychologists?
  9. Notes from the School Psychologist: Rebecca Branstetter works with kids who hate school. Recommended Posts: Psychologist vs. Puppy, Teacher vs. Student
  10. TechPsych: TechPsych examines using technology more effectively in learning, development, and more. Recommended Posts: Interactive Whiteboards Increase Student Attention, Engagement, Participation, and Test Scores!, Kindlelab Project

Therapy & Mental Health

Check out these blogs about therapy and mental health.

  1. Cognitive Therapy for Kids: Elisa Nebolsine’s blog discusses therapy for kids. Recommended Posts: Diet of Processed Food Correlated to Depression, Preventing Depression Through Resilience Training
  2. Mental Notes: Mental Notes is written by Dr. Jim Baker, an adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrist. Recommended Posts: AntiDepressants Help the Right Brain Right Away, Does My Teenager Have Bipolar Disorder?
  3. Child in Mind: Child in Mind promotes children’s mental health. Recommended Posts: Drugging Children to Sleep, When a "Problem" Child Hides a Troubled Marriage
  4. Teen Mental Health Blog: Read this blog for a better understanding of teen mental health. Recommended Posts: Your Brain and the Internet, Let’s Make Everyone Feel Good and Ignore Those Who Need Help!
  5. Family Dysfunction and Mental Health Blog: This blog emphasizes family dysfunction in behavioral problems. Recommended Posts: We Need More Order in Our Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders

Infant Development

Learn how babies develop on these blogs.

  1. Secrets of Baby Behavior: Take the mystery out of baby behavior with this blog. Recommended Posts: It Takes Two Baby, Coping With a Child’s Medical Emergency
  2. Because Babies Grow Up: Read this blog to find out what happens when babies grow up. Recommended Posts: Personalizing Your Favorite Songs, Music and Learning
  3. Baby Development Blog: This blog answers questions about your baby’s development. Recommended Posts: Baby and the Crying Doll, Why Do Babies Cry?
  4. Great Kids, Great Parents: Dr. Paul Holinger has infant and child development and the importance of children’s feelings. Recommended Posts: Effective Alternatives to Physical Punishment, Why Do We Still Spank Children?

Child Development

In these blogs, you’ll find insight into child development.

  1. Child Development: Learn about child development from Dakota County Technical College. Recommended Posts: Babies’ People Sense, Kids vs. Kids
  2. Darren Tagliarini: Darren Tagliarini writes about behavior on this blog. Recommended Posts: Autism Resources, Social Skills Materials
  3. Developmental Psychology Arena: Find news in developmental psychology on this blog. Recommended Posts: Infancy, Children of Divorce
  4. The Thoughtful Parent: The Thoughtful Parent shares research based development for parents and more. Recommended Posts: Difficult Temperament Doesn’t Mean A Child Destined for Problems, Yet Another Reason Not to Fight in Front of the Kids
  5. The Thoughtful Animal: The Thoughtful Animal writes about developmental psychology and more. Recommended Posts: Zombies Ate My Brain!, Starting From the Beginning
  6. Child Myths: Child Myths offers straight talk about child development. Recommended Posts: Psychological First Aid, Picky Eaters
  7. Dr. Gil Tippy’s Child Development Blog: Dr. Tippy blogs about autism, ASD, DIR, floortime and relationships. Recommended Posts: Gil Tippy Speaks About Individual Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dr. Gil Tippy Answers a Question About Not Controlling Contingencies in Autism Interventions
  8. Child Growth and Development: You’ll find child development, play, and more on this blog. Recommended Posts: Influence of Genes and Environment on Child Development, Music is an Important Part of Child Development
  9. Shaping Youth: Shaping Youth discusses media and marketing’s influence on kids. Recommended Posts: Green Hedgehogs in Virtual Worlds?, Olympic Life Lessons
  10. Creative Play Plus: Creative Play Plus shares ideas in play and child development. Recommended Posts: No Time for Recess, A Case for Creative Play and Why Kids Need It
  11. Developing Intelligence: You’ll read about developing intelligence in psychology on this blog. Recommended Posts: Robots in the Classroom, Do Inhibitory Skills Improve with Practice?

Parenting & Family

Read these blogs to see how parenting and family plays a role in child psychology.

  1. The Favorite Child: Dr. Ellen Weber Libby explores family dynamics. Recommended Posts: Spontaneous Conversations on Favoritism, Is There a Favorite Parent?
  2. Parenting Today: Parenting Today focuses on child development. Recommended Posts: Kids Out of Control?, Sexual Media Influences Teen Decisions About Sex
  3. Practice What I Preach: Check out this blog about a child psychiatrist becoming a parent. Recommended Posts: Routines: Parent-Led or Baby-Led?, Morning Sickness and Attachment
  4. PhD in Parenting: This blog is written for students of parenting. Recommended Posts: Would You, Could You Nurse in Public?, Should We Parent Boys and Girls Differently?
  5. Raising Happiness: Raising Happiness offers science for joyful kids and happier parents. Recommended Posts: The Right Way to Praise Kids, Let Your Kids Fail
  6. Please Stop the Rollercoaster!: Sue Blaney’s blog has tips and tools for parenting your teens. Recommended Posts: Teens: Media Consumption and Screen Time, Blogging in the Classroom?
  7. Parenting Teens: This blog offers a guide to parenting your teen. Recommended Posts: The Teen’s Brain, Choose Your Words
  8. Sarah Newton: Sarah Newton has new thinking for a new generation. Recommended Posts: Our Job as Parents is Not to do What is Easy!, Parents, a Stark Warning Not to Stalk Your Teenager on Facebook
  9. The Ultimate Sports Parent Blog: Help your young athlete with confidence using this youth sports psychology blog. Recommended Posts: Helping Young Athletes Improve Composure in Sports, When Coaches Yell, Insult, and Intimidate Sports Kids
  10. Radical Parenting: This blog has parenting advice from kids. Recommended Posts: Radical Parenting Principles, My Favorite Teacher Ever
  11. Parent Empowerment: Sue Scheff has universal resources for parent environment. Recommended Posts: Teen Anger, Rage and Learning to Manage It, Getting Ahead of Your Teens Virtually
  12. A Psych Mommy: This psychologist became a mom. Recommended Posts: Spotlight: Baby Bond, Happy 101
  13. Dr. John Carpente’s Music & Child Development Blog: In this blog, you’ll learn about music and child development. Recommended Posts: Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy & DIR/Floortime Model, Musical Play
  14. Child and Family Psychology Blog: Dr. Renee writes about child and family psychology in New York and beyond. Recommended Posts: Dr. Renee Clauselle Discusses Definition and Diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders at Upcoming Seminar, Dr. Renee Asks Parents to Take the Cyber Duty Pledge

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